Uncover the Color

By Tyler Fuhrman, Mira Peykova and Riya Agrawal This infographic on Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea traces the theme of color. It conveys the insight that color is used in the book at two levels: first, to mark distinctions between races, and second, to explains more vividly Antoinette Cosway’s increasing sense of loss, denial, confusion … Continue reading Uncover the Color


Rejecting Antoinette

By Mirielle Kruger, Alexander Joo, and Brenden Selton Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea reveals the life of Antoinette, a Creole woman who is neglected by her allegedly “mad” mother. Antoinette later marries Mr. Rochester, who rejects everything about Antoinette.  This infographic shows how Antoinette was rejected, due her mother and due to her husband, through … Continue reading Rejecting Antoinette

Exploring The Infinite

By Mirielle Kruger, Alex Joo, Brenden Selton Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Library of Babel” is a short story about an endless library of books containing every possible combination of 25 characters in 1,312,000 positions and the librarians who interface with these books. This story explores human perception of information represented in the library and how … Continue reading Exploring The Infinite

A Tale of Subdued Power

By Mira Peykova, Tyler Fuhrman, Riya Agrawal This infographic explores the theme of female submissiveness and power in Eileen Chang’s “Love in a Fallen City.” It traces the effect of traditional patriarchal gender roles on the life of the main character Liusu and the text’s reversal of roles. To study women’s social inferiority and degradation, … Continue reading A Tale of Subdued Power

A Chance to Live

By Molly Essig, Paul Carter, and Zach Quinney This infographic analyzes a selection of main characters in Rabindranath Tagore's play, The Post Office. The author uses his characters to symbolize distinct aspects of life love and affection, time, bookish knowledge, authority, logic and reason, and joy amidst suffering. The infographic analyzes these traits among six … Continue reading A Chance to Live