Constructing Infinity

By Mira Peykova, Riya Agrawal, Tyler Fuhrman This infographic on Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Library of Babel” explores the way in which Borges constructs his infinite library using patterns that are visible in the natural world. Firstly, the library’s stages of complexity and their relations with each other are established. We explain the rules of the … Continue reading Constructing Infinity


The Power of Words

By Mira Peykova, Riya Agrawal, Tyler Fuhrman The infographic on James Joyce’s “The Dead” explores the theme of verbal communication and, specifically, how Miss Ivors's and Gretta's interactions with Gabriel solicit different responses. Through these character studies, the infographic details how a speaker’s tone and behavior can affect the listener. The theme is shown using … Continue reading The Power of Words

The Limit of Infinity and the Boundlessness of Order

By Tyler S. Fuhrman Borges’s depiction of a seemingly limitless library questions the 'infiniteness' of our own universe while reflecting on humanity’s role within it. How big is the universe? Humanity has yet to find an answer to this timeless question. To respond, Jorge Luis Borges's "The Library of Babel" depicts a supposedly interminable library … Continue reading The Limit of Infinity and the Boundlessness of Order