Maturity in “The Secret Sharer”

By Brenden Selton, Alexander Joo, and Mirielle Kruger

This infographic on “The Secret Sharer” by Joseph Conrad analyzes the theme of maturity within the story. In particular, it studies the unnamed captain and the facets of his maturity which include an increase in his leadership, confidence, and independence. Starting with the idea of leadership, a bar graph is used too compare the number of times the captain issued in order in the first and second parts of the story. A timeline, represented by an arrow, shows how his orders evolved and changed as the story progressed. In the “Confidence” section, two pie charts are used to compare the captain’s reactions to direct questions by the crew within both parts of the story. Another timeline is then used with direct quotations from the captain to show how his confidence with his position changes. Finally, within the category of confidence, two more pie charts are used to show whether the captain bases his decisions on his own ideas or on the input of others. The final outcome of this is an insightful look into how the captain’s maturity increases and develops within the story.

Secret Sharer Infographic

*This infographic was designed using Canva and Photoshop


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