Identity Crisis

By Molly Essig, Paul Carter, and Zach Quinney

This infographic highlights the identity problems faced by the protagonists in Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea and Nella Larsen’s Passing. It is structured in a side-by-side format, with Clare Kendry from Passing on the left and Antoinette from Wide Sargasso Sea on the right, which visually reinforces the comparison. It uses images and text centered on a dividing line to signal problems the protagonists share. On either side of this line there are bulleted lists that address elements of plot and characterization related to identity problems, and direct quotations are also included as direct support from the text. The second identity problem addressed is troubled marriages, and it includes a graphical analysis of each protagonist’s treatment from their husbands. This is done through comparing the number of instances the husbands addressed their wives in derogatory ways versus in a positive manner. The numerical analysis shows the extent to which marriage problems contribute to each protagonist’s damaged sense of identity. The infographic is concluded by drawing parallels between the outcomes of each character’s identity crisis and showing that the two characters met tragic ends because of their damaged sense of identity.



Window Image, Broken Mirror Image, Married Couple Image

*This infographic was made using Piktochart, Voyant, and Photoshop.


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