Effects of Paranoia: Changes from Harboring a Fugitive

By Calista Mei, Drew Yates, Tiffany Su

This infographic on Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer” explores the captain’s paranoia and its effects on his tone and actions as a result of harboring a stowaway fugitive, Leggatt. This infographic thus focuses on the captain’s mannerisms, thoughts, and emotions. The T-chart comparing the captain’s actions before and after Leggatt’s arrival reveals that he becomes more irritable and harsher with his crew. The pie chart conveys data (collected by hand) on the captain’s emotions while he keeps Leggatt on the ship. The emotions he feels the most often are fear and paranoia, indicating that hiding Leggatt negatively influences his mindset. Finally, the captain’s thoughts about his second mate and the sea before and after Leggatt’s arrival show how his outlook becomes more pessimistic over time. The captain becomes mistrustful of things that he had viewed calmly before. The infographic overall conveys that the captain became a more aggressive and defensive person due to his paranoia from hiding a murderer.

Secret Sharer Infographic Real.png

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*This infographic was designed using Piktochart


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