A Child’s Dream

By Brenden Selton, Alexander Joo, and Mirielle Kruger

This infographic on “The Post Office” by Rabindranath Tagore analyzes how Amal uses his dreams, expectations, and interactions to hide his suffering. To effectively do this, the infographic looks at Amal’s approach to his sickness, his specific interactions with others, and his dreams of the future. Beginning with his view on his sickness, we use a bar graph to draw a comparison between the number of times Amal admits that he is sick versus the amount he claims that he is going to get well. This is supported with specific quotations from the text. Moving onto his interactions, we included icons of the people he meets alongside quotations from Amal to show how he hides his suffering in these conversations. Finally, the infographic analyzes his dreams of the future by using a bar graph that illustrates how many times he discusses being a postman, seeing the King, and getting a letter from the King. This discussion of his dreams is supported by specific quotations of his wistfulness to have a future. As a whole, this helps show how Amal focuses on his life rather than his suffering.


Works Cited: Dairy Farmer, Watchman, Headman, Girl, Boy, Crown, Castle

*This infographic was designed using Canva and Photoshop


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