The Power of Words

By Mira Peykova, Riya Agrawal, Tyler Fuhrman

The infographic on James Joyce’s “The Dead” explores the theme of verbal communication and, specifically, how Miss Ivors’s and Gretta’s interactions with Gabriel solicit different responses. Through these character studies, the infographic details how a speaker’s tone and behavior can affect the listener. The theme is shown using textual evidence from the story’s dialogue and diagrams detailing the characteristics of Miss Ivors and Gretta, including the ways in which they speak. Thus, the infographic describes both the positive and negative effects of Gabriel’s interactions with these women. To clearly communicate these effects, we include a timeline of the story, including Gabriel’s primary encounters with other characters. Additionally we incorporated a graph that compares the usage of authoritative verbs such as “said” or “asked” and more unassertive verbs such as “heard” or “listened.” These variances highlight the fact that characters in the story would rather pitch their own opinions than listen to other people’s. Ultimately, the infographic summarizes Miss Ivors’s and Gretta’s voices, how their words reveal their personalities, and we illustrate how their attitudes and tones impact Gabriel’s views, including his views of Ireland.


*This infographic was designed using Canva and Voyant.


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