An Intrigue with Death

By Mira Peykova, Tyler Fuhrman, Riya Agrawal

This infographic on Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” traces the connection between animals and death by analyzing the meaning of three prominent animals in the story: the hyena—a symbol of death, vultures—symbols of redemption, and the snow leopard—a symbol of afterlife. Through images of the triquetra, flowcharts, and textual evidence, the infographic analyzes the significance of the animals. Harry sees the vultures three times, feels the hyena and thus death three times, and must realize three good deeds to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro and reach the leopard. By using a graph to meticulously trace the number of times these animals appear, the infographic reveals that the repetition of the number three alludes to the Holy Trinity. This biblical metaphor suggests that Harry struggles to find peace after a life wasted away to money and sloth. However, the infographic uses a diagram of a mountain and notes Harry’s three good deeds to show how Harry resolves this struggle. Overall, the infographic explores animal symbolism and biblical allusions to illustrate the relationship between humans and death, suggesting that man should not dread death but rather prepare for it by living with a clear conscience because, like Harry, redemption is possible even in the most hopeless situations.

Snows Final (3)

Works Cited: TriquetraVultureLeopardHyenaGrim ReaperMountainMount Kilimanjaro

*This infographic was designed using Canva, Voyant, and Photojoiner.


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